Futureproof book cover by Kat Shalhoub

FutureProof : 13 Things Your Parents Can't Tell You About Tomorrow

The world has changed, and if you’re young, the lessons and rules your parents followed to build their lives and careers don’t apply to you. So what do you need to know to design a productive and fulfilling life in today’s hyper-paced digital age?  

In #FutureProof: 13 Things Your Parents Can’t Teach You About Tomorrow, Katagyna Shalhoub reveals 13 steps that show you how to gain the 21st-century skills and knowledge you absolutely NEED to thrive in today’s ultra-competitive world.  

Through practical insights, questions, wisdom, and strategies, Futureproof! shows you how to master the nuts and bolts of being relevant in a globally-connected, automated world while building a meaningful life and a secure future! 

Life As A Leb-Neh Lover: The Identity Crisis of a Maybe Lebanese; Turning Point Books (2011)

Life as Leb-neh Lover was originally a series of blog posts documenting the author’s adventures across the world. Shalhoub’s book is full of anecdotes describing a common Lebanese experience: the longing to live abroad, the unexpected pining for a Lebanese community in a foreign country, the culture shock upon return to the homeland, and the importance of being able to share one’s culture and language with a significant other.  

Stylistically, Life as a Leb-neh Lover draws on Lebanese colloquial dialect and is made up of a series of short stories that narrate a longer developmental arc. This adds a personal touch to the book and engages the Lebanese reader, evoking genuine amusement or an unconscious nod at the events at hand.

Finalist in The International Book Awards and Finalist in the USA Best Book Awards